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what a Rainy Day to do a Photo Shoot

Lets be honest, taking photos of your subjects in the rain, isn't the most fun thing to do. You have to cover every single electrical part, to reassure that not a single droplet of water finds it's way in. But nevertheless, the energy of everyone on the set today has been phenomenal. The artists that got their pictures taken, was Bafana Isaac Nhlapo, Mark Axiak and Ibou Cissokho. (Show accordingly from left to right on the picture below).

The day started with a hot cup of coffe-

Getting warm before a shoot like this is important. That's why we had our pit stop at this karaoke bar, next to the location. This place is called "Syng". Not that we did any singing.

SYNG // Grünerløkka

After discussing what shot to do first, the artists dressed up-

First up was Bafana, he had such a powerfull expression in his face. He went straight into character as I picked up the camera. And the great diffused lighting from the clouds, made it easy to get all the rich details from his face and on to the sensor of the camera (Sony A7sii). You can really make up your own story, when watching into his eyes.

This was not the first time I had worked with him. Back in 2016, Marcus TK Film made a collaboration with Cliff Moustache. A music video about Bafana and his father that had past away.

The Rainy Day Photo Shoot continued-
This time we had to work with the water, instead of hiding from it!

What a great day at work! Thanks to these three energetic people. This picture summarize our day-

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